Before We Get Started We Need To Ask You A Few Questions
Straight up... These questions are designed to weed out the whingers, know-it-alls, entitled brats, quitters, serial-killers, etc. (people we prefer not to do business with...)
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Um... Are You A Dentist? *

I hear those Dentists aren't big sugar fans.
Do you like trying new snacks? *

What are your snacking habits? *

You go out to dinner for 2 and you get the bill for your meal and it is $100. Which of these best describes you: *

Will you be sharing your snack box? *

Which of these are most important for you? *

Okay... Don't get too excited,
but based on your answers, I think we can trust you.

What should we call you? *

This can be your real name like "Boring Tom" or "Normal Nancy" or you use this opportunity to be whoever you want... How about "Mr Awesome", "Candy King" or "Max Power"! - You choose!
Congratulations! You Meet All The Criteria
To Be Part Of The Secret Snack Society.
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Sorry... The Secret Snack Society Is Not For You.
Bye Bye...
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We don't appreciate that language.
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